it’s all about creativity


i live in a flat-sharing-community. in austria it’s called WG – Wohngemeinschaft. it just means sharing a flat with other people, not with your family. so we’re three girls and that means a lot of nail polish, clothes but most of all ideas. Our flat is an old building. high rooms, huge windows, an old wooden floor….and so on. but like every other flat it has to be pimped a little bit. so when we moved in last october we started (and there’s still no end in sight) the project „PIMP MY FLAT“…  we love photographs but to make the best out of them they NEED FRAMES. frames are expensive!! (if you want them to improve your walls 😉 ) so,…if you’re a student like me and my roommates, you want to save your money for things more important but also want to pimp your walls…i have a few ideas for you:

1.) use cheap frames!! (wait a second before you judge… 😉 )

2.) paint them!! 

3.) get yourself a few pieces of string  (i would take a white and thin one. it just looks nicer) and a handful nails.

4.) sticky tape!

5.) the last things you need is one cup of liquid color (as you will see we decided to take a simple chocolate brown just because it fits best in our living room) and a pencil.

okay….and now i’m gonna show ya what comes out if you „mix“ these 5 little helpers together….

remember?! it’s all about creativity…!!! 🙂




„There’s always  a very first time“

if this blog had existed already two month ago i would have posted something about my own personal paradise.that’s for sure. when i had my 18th birthday my father decided to make a 2month-winterholiday to thailand and because he’s a flight assistant he arranged  a cheap flight for me so i could spend one week with him, his girlfriend and my sister. 

i know it sounds kitschy but that week really changed my life.. 😉 because since then whenever i think about spending my holidays in a foreign country, all i can think of is thailand. it’s amazing and on my 2nd trip (with 2 good friends) in summer 2010 we created a list called „a lot of reasons for our parents to lock us up at home“ (or something like that xD)

so here comes the list but first a wonderful picture..


  • sleeping on the floor in the centre of the train station in bangkok. hundreds of thai people around you who take pictures and videos every time you move.
  • going home alone at the dead of night without a mobile phone or anything else
  • going home with strangers under the same circumstances 😉
  • walking barefoot for a whole month
  • renting a moped, use it everyday with 2 almost-accidents instead of a helmet
  • get bitten by a dog and just say „shit, there’s a whole in my t-shirt“
  • drinking alcohol everyday